Hire a private driver in Belgrade

Hiring a private driver in Belgrade is a convenient option for those who are in need of fast and reliable transportation around the city. Book your private taxi ride for the whole day or longer, and ensure yourself comfortable and efficient transfers when you need them. Call us on 19803 and hire a professional chauffeur!


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Private driver Belgrade - fast and reliable chauffeur service at Pink Taxi

Hiring a private driver in Belgrade is a great choice for all business people, foreigners living and working in Belgrade, as well as visitors who want to enjoy convenient transportation between all popular tourist locations in Belgrade.

Using taxi services is a much easier way to go around the city compared to driving your own vehicle or taking public transport. It spares you from having to find a parking spot or a bus stop and navigate through the traffic or the crowd, as taxis are private vehicles that have their own lane on all major roads in the city.

However, a setback with using taxi services in Belgrade can be the waiting time. Sometimes, even the shortest arrival time of 5 minutes can be fatal to your tight schedule and have a great impact on the time you will spend in the traffic. This is especially the case if you need to be in different places throughout the day at strictly set times.

This can easily be solved by hiring a private transfer at Pink Taxi!

Private driver Belgrade - hire a private vehicle that fulfills all standards

If you are interested in a chauffeur service in Belgrade, this means that you are in need of a high-class service, which we are well aware of.

It is clear that we strive for the best experience with our regular services, which we successfully provide with our comfortable, efficient, and safe taxi transfers. However, hiring a private driver in Belgrade is a special and customized offer we prepared in the pursuit of answering even the most demanding needs and tastes of our clients.

Rent a car with a private chauffeur at Pink Taxi is a professional, reliable, and luxurious transfer service provided by our experienced drivers. We can take you anywhere you want, from Belgrade airport to the city center, as well as between distant parts of the city.

Additionally, we can offer you high-class vehicles with a luxurious and modern look, which will help you make a serious and elegant first impression at important business meetings and gatherings, as well as when welcoming your foreign guests at the airport.

Chauffeur service Belgrade - what are its benefits compared to a regular taxi service?

The benefits of hiring a Belgrade private driver are numerous, but here are the most important ones compared to a regular taxi service at Pink Taxi:

  • Taxi prices - hiring a private vehicle for the whole day can greatly pay off compared to ordering a new transfer every time, especially when you need to be at different parts of the city throughout the day;
  • Highly professional service - even though our regular taxi transfers are also known to be of the greatest quality, our chauffeur services take private transportation to a whole new level. For this type of service, we hire only English-speaking drivers with extensive experience and prominent social skills;
  • Comfortable transfer - when hiring a private chauffeur, we send out our highly comfortable vehicles of new generations, which possess a luxurious interior and exterior design.

Hire your Belgrade private driver at an affordable price

In order to hire a Belgrade private driver, you need to pre-book your transfers by calling 19803, through our taxi app, or our Viber number 060/488-9979. We have made an effort to provide you with the most affordable prices but still keep them adjusted to the numerous benefits this service offers.

Take a look at our Pink Taxi price list to make sure we are the best choice for your convenient transportation within and outside of Belgrade.

Apart from scheduling a private chauffeur service in Belgrade, you can contact us for private sightseeing tours or a reliable taxi transfer to Nikola Tesla Airport, which you can also book in advance.