Pink Taxi Belgrade - The most reliable taxi service in Belgrade

Pink Taxi Belgrade is the most reliable taxi service in Belgrade for tourists and visitors. We offer you a fast and safe taxi transfer to all parts of the city, to the airport, and even outside of the city. Order your cab through a call or on our app and enjoy a comfortable ride at the most affordable price!
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Why is Pink Taxi the best taxi in Belgrade?

taxi transfer

The easiest way to order a taxi transfer

Order your transfer by calling our number, sending a message on Viber, or through two easy clicks on our Belgrade taxi app, and we will send a vehicle your way in no time!

cheapest taxi

The cheapest taxi in Belgrade

With a price of less than 1 euro/km for daytime transfers around Belgrade, Pink Taxi is by far the most affordable taxi in Belgrade. We will take you anywhere you want at a low price!

credit card

Paying by credit card

Paying by card is the most convenient way to pay for your ride. In our vehicles, you can pay your taxi transfer in cash or by VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, and DINA credit cards.


Pet-friendly taxis in Belgrade

Our pet-friendly taxis welcome your furry friend! When ordering a ride, make sure you inform us that you need a pet-friendly vehicle, and we will send it to you right away.

Order a taxi in Belgrade in 3 different ways!

At Pink Taxi, you can order your ride in 3 ways. Simply call our phone number, 19803, or text our Viber number, 0604889979. Additionally, the Pink Taxi app is the easiest way to order a cab and get a ride with two simple clicks!

Pink Taxi app in Belgrade

Pink Taxi app in Belgrade

The Pink Taxi app is a convenient way to order a taxi online in Belgrade, and it works very simply. All you have to do is enter your location and choose the payment method, after which you can follow your vehicle on the app as it gets to you fast!

Nasa aplikacija
  • Enter your location
    Korak 1
  • Choose payment method
  • Taxi arriving
    Korak 3
Get a taxi ride quickly and easily

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Pink taxi Viber

Order your Belgrade taxi by sending a free text message on our Viber! Simply send us your location on our Pink Taxi Viber number 0604889979, and you will get a return message with the arrival time and other information about the vehicle.

Send a message

Pink Belgrade taxi numbers

Pink Taxi phone numbers are always available for you to order your transfer! Call us on 19803, and you can expect a fast answer from our operators. Tell us your location, and we will send the closest vehicle available to you so that you can quickly arrive at your destination.

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Taxi service in Belgrade

Whether you need an airport transfer in Belgrade or a sightseeing ride, our taxi company will provide it. Tap the icon of your desired service and find out more about our special offers!

Card payment

It is possible to pay with payment cards
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • Dina
Plaćanje katricom

Pink Belgrade taxi prices - the lowest taxi prices in Belgrade

Tariff 1

  • Starting price:  270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from 6:00 to 22:00
  • Waiting price:  1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
960.82 eur/km

Tariff 2

  • Starting price:  270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from  22:00 to 6:00
  • Waiting price:  1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
1251.06 eur/km

Tariff 3

  • Starting price:  270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from  00:00 to 24:00
  • Waiting price:  1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
1921.63 eur/km

Find out why we are the cheapest taxi in Belgrade! Tap on the button below to learn more about our taxi services, the way we form our prices, and the additional benefits we offer you.

Taxi prices in Belgrade
Placanje taksi blokom

Taxi vouchers - Cashless payments for a business taxi

Electronic vouchers, payment through the app, or regular taxi vouchers

o the companies who need a business taxi, we offer a special form of collaboration with additional benefits. By signing a contract with us, you get the opportunity to use regular taxi transfers 24 hours a day.


This provides you with additional benefits such as cashless payments with regular taxi vouchers, electronic vouchers, and through the app. If you are interested in paying via an account, we will provide a copy of the contract for the realization of taxi transfers with vouchers.


We have been providing this type of service for years, and we have built successful cooperation with several renowned companies. The satisfaction of our clients is the most important value to our company, so we strive to stay competitive in the market and offer you the best taxi services in Belgrade.

For more information, contact us via email on:

PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 
PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 19803 · PINK TAXI · 


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