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Knowing Belgrade taxi prices well helps you plan your transfers wisely and save money. Our company offers you comfortable, safe, and efficient transfer at the most affordable taxi prices in Belgrade. Call our number, 19803, or order a ride on our app or through a Viber message, and enjoy the best taxi service in town!


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Belgrade taxi prices - taxi tariffs and fares

Your taxi fare in Belgrade will depend on a couple of factors. The most important of them is the time of the day you hire a taxi, the distance you need to travel, and whether you travel within or outside of the city.

Namely, the Belgrade to Novi Sad taxi cost is calculated by a higher tariff than a transfer within Belgrade, and so are taxi rides during the night, on Sundays, and on public holidays.

However, at Pink Taxi, you will always get the best service at the lowest price. Whether you need a short-distance drive or you're interested in the Belgrade airport taxi cost, we calculate the taxi fares to your benefit. Order a taxi at any time of day or night, and be sure you will save your budget!

Explore the Pink Taxi price list for all three tariffs:


Tariff 1

  • Starting price: 270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from 6:00 to 22:00
  • Waiting price: 1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
96 din/km (0.82 eur/km)

Tariff 2

  • Starting price: 270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from 22:00 to 6:00
  • Waiting price:1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
125 din/km (1.06 eur/km)

Tariff 3

  • Starting price: 270 din (€2.30)
  • Workdays from 00:00 to 24:00
  • Waiting price: 1.200 din (€10.20) per hour
  • Sundays and holidays
  • Outside of Belgrade
192 din/km (1.63 eur/km)

Taxi Belgrade price - the additional benefits of our offer

The affordable services we offer to our clients make Pink Taxi the most commonly chosen taxi company among all tourists, visitors, and foreigners living and working in Belgrade.

However, apart from the best Belgrade taxi prices, we offer many more additional benefits and special offers, which will make your taxi transfers even more convenient and affordable.

You can order a ride via our Pink Taxi app, which can be used on all smart devices. Once you install the app, you will need to choose your payment method. Use your Visa premium credit card to get additional payment benefits!

With a Visa Gold, Visa Platinum, or Visa Infinite credit card, you can get discounts on our Belgrade taxi prices as follows:

  • 300 dinars (€2.56) for every third transfer;
  • 50% discount on a transfer from Nikola Tesla Airport to the city center.

This discount applies to taxi transfers within the first tariff and is valid until December 31, 2022!

Apart from regular taxi rides within the city, we provide an efficient transfer outside of Belgrade, as well as the most affordable Belgrade airport taxi prices!

Additional aspects that affect Belgrade taxi prices

The prices in Serbia went up due to the current economic situation, which affected the costs of numerous resources, so our company had to adjust its prices accordingly. However, we still strive to bring you the best services at affordable prices.

Here is what affects the way companies calculate Belgrade taxi fares:

  • tax - the regular settlement of tax obligations;
  • membership fees - the payment of membership fees to taxi associations;
  • the cost of fuel - the increase in the price of fuel influenced the increase in the prices of taxi services;
  • car service - regular car servicing and unexpected breakdowns are much more frequent with taxi vehicles, largely due to the nature of driving in city conditions, as well as the long distances taxi vehicles travel every day.

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Using our app is very simple. After you've downloaded the app, all you need to do is enter your location and choose a payment method, and we will send the closest vehicle available your way.

If you wish to order a cab the old-fashioned way, we have two numbers at your disposal.

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Whether they need a ride around the city or to the Nikola Tesla Airport, call the best taxi in Belgrade and order your transfer!