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About Pink Taxi

About the Company

Unlike a number of associations, Pink Taxi is a company established as of 01.12.1994.
Pink Taxi is both an innovator and following contemporary trends in taxi transport, as reflected in the constant improvement of the services it provides.

From the day it was founded it has been moving in an upward direction, both in increasing the number of vehicles and elevating the quality of service in taxi transportation, as witnessed by regular users of our services and millions of passengers.

All vehicles in the Pink Taxi network are equipped with a radio station, while the average time of arrival, pending the weather, is 3-5 minutes.
The large number of vehicles, as well as the conditions and rules for work made Pink Taxi become one of the most desired companies for taxi drivers to work, as well as one of the most frequently used and most recognizable companies.

Pink Taxi employs professional licensed taxi drivers, always courteous and professional and with excellent automobiles, considering local conditions. We also note that our radio centre is the most professional one in the city, with courteous and trained operators working with a single goal - the satisfaction of our users.

Pink Taxi Vehicles

Pink Taxi vehicles are non-smoking as a rule.

The average age of taxi vehicles is under 6 years placing Pink Taxi in first place, before all other taxi companies and associations in Belgrade regarding the quality of its fleet.

Note that a certain type of vehicle can always be arranged. Pink Taxi has strict cleanliness standards, therefore each vehicle must be clean both inside and outside, while cleanliness and functionality are checked both regularly and at random intervals.

Rulebook - Code of Conduct

Every taxi driver of the Pink Taxi must satisfy all norms and codes of conduct proscribed by the rulebook on the work of the radio network and other company statutes that are both very strict and at a high level.

Each taxi driver must properly represent Pink Taxi both with their proper courteous behaviour and their personal appearance and the appearance of their taxi vehicle, both with parties,as well as other factors directly related to the work of taxi transportation (other participants in traffic, etc.)

All operators employed in the Pink Taxi Call Centre must be extremely courteous with the obligation to serve the party with speed, precision and efficiency in order to provide them with the correct information on the time and identity of the taxi vehicle arriving at the desired destination in the least amount of time.

Likewise, through their professionality, the Pink Taxi Call Centre operators must establish a quality relationship with members of the radio system, i.e. taxi drivers, in order to provide them with fast, precise and quality service.


Creating and maintaining a modern, efficient and affordable taxi infrastructure in Belgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Pink Taxi charge for luggage?
How does Pink Taxi charge for pet transportation?
How does Pink Taxi charge for technical item transportation?

For all these questions, the answer is the same. Since the provisions on taxi transportation do not contain precise regulations for charges on the above mentioned, while the same allows for separate charges for these items.
Practice at Pink Taxi is the same as with most companies and associations, therefore charging for the above mentioned is conducted under agreement with the taxi driver prior, and always prior to the initated ride. In all cases the price for transporting luggage, technical items and pets is minimal and the most affordable.

Luggage transport to the airport, railway and bus station, as well as from those destinations, is not charged neither for rides ordered by telephone, nor when stopping the vehicle directly on the street.

How does Pink Taxi charge for towing another vehicle?

Pink Taxi provides the service of towing a vehicle by both flexible and rigid coupling. When towing vehicles all legally proscribed conditions are to be met and the safety of those being towed and other participants in traffic are observed. The price is agreed upon with the taxi driver, considering all factors (distance of towing, state of the vehicle being towed, etc.) If towing by flexible or rigid coupling is deemed unsafe or impossible, Pink Taxi will recommend other types of towing to their customers.

Does the taxi service user have to pay for a ride if it was terminated early due to an unforseen event such as a possible problem with the taxi vehicle, etc. and how much?

If the ride is terminated before the destination the party wanted to arrive at, and the early termination is due to a breakdown on the vehicle or a similar issue, the party pays for the price indicated by the taximeter, less the starting price and the discount if the ride was arranged by telephone.

Company Identification

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PIB: 109523433

For additional information and explanations, contact the Pink Taxi radio centre 19803, 0800 11 9803 and 065 488 99 77.


0800 11 9803

065 488 99 77

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